Thursday, May 3, 2012

Discovering the Beauty of Bohol

I know that most of you have been into this place, which makes me feel that I'm the only person on earth who haven't seen the beauty of this marvelous place. (Really?) But nevertheless, let me share with you my own experience in discovering the rich culture of what most of us considered the most famous tourist spot in the Philippines. The place which i thought i can only be seen in the HEKASI book during my elementary school days, now i can finally say that 'ive been there too'. (proud filipina)

This Bohol Tour is part of the 4-day travel we had last 2010. The first day of tour was Cebu City.

2nd day of Tour: August 14, 2010 Off to Bohol

From Cebu City, we landed at Tagbilaran Port via Supercat which is almost a 2-hour travel. Our craving and fascination for the place did not take long  for we we're able to meet our travel guide on time. Our first spot in our itinerary is the Blood Compact Shrine.

Of course, we will not let the day pass without taking a picture into one of the historical place in our country.
Beauty No. 1 The reflection of the first 'Treaty of Friendship' thru the bonding of every family/friends/people/ tourist/traveler/ in this particular 'Sandugo Shrine' where you can mirror our happiness and excitement; that one way or another we felt and became part of this historical place.

On our way to our second spot, we saw this scenic view.
It seems that i need to go back to this place just to get the exact location of this. hihi
We headed directly to Baclayon church afterwards.

As we have read in many travel blogs, shorts/sleeveless and any other revealing clothes are prohibited inside the church that is why we brought with us a more 'decent' clothes. (pantakip ba.hehe) But we weren't able to use it because the Manangs in the church already provided us with the tapis in exchange for a donation. Not a bad idea.
Please dont pay attention to our eyes. haha
Beauty No. 2 The church is so solemn and peaceful and possesses extravagant altar. Its a great pleasure that we were able to put our feet on the second oldest church in the Philippines which carries the Spanish past of the country.

Bohol tour would not be complete if you would not seen any single tarsier.
Philippine tarsier; So cute :-)
Beauty No. 3 Close encounter with the world's smallest primate. There are tarsier sanctuaries now where there is a recreational rainforest. Having said that, they can live in safety even if there are lots of tourist visiting them.

One of our much awaited activity in our entire Bohol tour is a Cruise on Loboc River.
While waiting for the cruise...
Finally, lunch time! They said, Loboc Cruise at night is more ravishing than morning cruise. We'll try next time..
Buffet @ Loboc Cruise
Beauty No. 4 Just appreciate the picturesque and the nature itself.

Pardon, for we were using point and shoot that time, nevertheless, i still and will enjoy the view :-)
Based on what i've read on most travel blogs, the least attractive spot in Bohol is the hanging bridge. But for me, i appreciate the wholeness of the place. Even if i'm not that 'yet' (take note, not yet) adventurous who would go on motorcross games or do the scuba diving thing or take chance on bungee jumping, i still relish the bamboo bridge. Its scary though, that is why we ended up walking a few feet away from the start of the bridge rather than crossing it. haha.. Again, there's always a next time diba :-)

Beauty No. 5 Take the challenge to cross the shaky, narrow and terrifying yet daring hanging bridge of Bohol
Beauty No. 6 Having the option and choice not to cross the hanging bridge. lolz

Beauty No. 7 Man-Made Mahogany Forest itself as fruit of the hardwork, perseverance and determination of the ever loyal Boholanos to become one the most attractive tourist spot in the country.

Showcasing our admiration to the place :-D
For butterfly enthusiast like me, this place would be considered home ♥

Beauty No. 8 A place called home

But the most beautiful part of this entire City Tour is the pride of not only the Boholanos but the entire Filipinos - the world's famous Bohol Chocolate Hills. I could perfectly remember how my teacher in elementary teaches us of what's so special about this Chocolate Hills - that during summer, the grass-covered hills turn chocolate brown as it dries up; that we have around thousands of individual mounds which seems an endless row of chocolate kisses.

'Class, this remarkable chocolate hills is included in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World' 
Witness the signature jumpshot on the Hills

Our never ending jumpshot
Till our next trip :-)

Thanks to RJ Intano for helping us discover the beauty of bohol

RJ Intano of RJ Tours

Note: Photocredit: Some of the photos courtesy of Joyee. Thanks sis! mwah!



ellehciren said...

nakakamiss! we shall return! :))

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

ang saya! miss ko na ang bohol!

YAMIE said...

@chelle - for sure sis, a place called home... haha

@Christian/Lakad Pilipinas - totoo ka jan, super nakakamiss :-)

Untied Escape said...

How much is the tour?

YAMIE said...

@United Escape - i just made an entry about it.
Hope this helps :-)