Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lunch Date @Bali Seafood Paluto, Tagaytay City

After being exhausted hosting our annual company awareness, which we normally do in Tagaytay City, hubby and i looked for a comfy place to indulge ourselves with a simple late lunch treat. Since lutong bahay has always been hubby's fave, i led him to this seafood resto my friends and i visited before.

The place defines a homey ambiance where you can patiently wait for your order. Yes, patiently wait talaga, coz despite its coziness, an tagal naman ng service nila. =(

...and maybe that's one of the reasons why they strategically designed the place into pleasant, relaxed and simple one. What i liked most about the place is the privacy of the dine-in experience in kubo-kubo. I also learned that they have bayanihan dancers every Saturdays and Sundays.

Tthe customer service naman has never been a problem to us. In fact, one of the waiters assisted me to charge my lowbat camera, which we really appreciated. :-)

Ayun oh, at nakapag photoshoot pa. hihi

cutee mirror 
For our late lunch, we had sinubga platter which consists of tilapia, pork, chicken, sugpo, pusit, tahong, talong, mangga and bagoong. Yes, kami na ang gutom! :-)

Whoever is not a fan of sisig would definitely be missing half of their lives. haha (exag mode lang)

Turon sana for our dessert, unfortunately, its unavailable. So fruits for dessert was just fine with me.

Our total spending, around P1,090.00

The place for me is surely a come back.

Bali Seafood Paluto Restaurant
Aguinaldo Hi-way, Mahalika East,
Tagaytay City



YAMIE said...

...wants to have dinner date naman sometimes. lolz

Untied Escape said...

Sarap naman, dapat pla di pa gaano gutom para makapag wait pa.. haha!

YAMIE said...

@United Escape - tamah. haha
Babalik ako for the turon. hihi ♥

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

i visited this place nung di pa ko nagba blog, would love to come back and blog about it. ang ganda jan :)

Jessica said...

super ganda ng shots...

masaya talaga sa baguio! masaya din kapag malamig yung panahon. LOVE IT :)

YAMIE said...

@Christian - tah-mah, balik ka ha, and i'll wait for your mouth watering food shots :-)

@Jessica - thanks much ♥

Anonymous said...

My family and i had a bad experience. Customer service?! Not one of the usherettes even assisted and accompanied us to our seats! We had to look for our own. When we finally found a table, nobody was there to take our orders. And it wasn't even a busy night! There were only four tables to be waited at when we arrived. The food may be delicious but i hope the manager and owner will train their staff properly. I hope this will not happen to other customers.