Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Japan Business Trip Extra Challenge

10 days of an official business trip...And when i say official business trip, this means, 8 hours of work, not to mention the official dinner meetings, which, normally starts from 6pm onwards. wheh! ...guess what comes first on my mind? I wonder how am i going to take picture of the foods, places and people the way i want to, and be able to create an extraordinary experience in an official business trip? haha.. Hmmm, sounds challenging.

And so after hearing the good news, i got excited and plan my "own itinerary" for the pleasure business trip,     (i mean).

Aichi prefecture. This is where we are going to spend our 10-day business trip. Aichi-ken is located in the Chubu region also known as the Tokai region. Capital: Nagoya

Below is the map of Japan highlighting the Aichi-ken prefecture.


In the itinerary sent to us by our mother company, we'll be visiting Japan's historical places as well as the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry Technology and Toyota Motors Corporation. (Assembly Line Plant Tour) as part of our cultural immersion.(How nice to be in the HR world! hihi)

Given with only restricted time and area of leisure and with only limited circle of influence, my challenge is to become a traveler of my own in the so-called business trip of my corporate world. And how am i going to do that?...Again, with only specified budget that i have?

Daily Allowance =Y1,500 for communication, newspaper, hygiene and sanitation, etc.
Meals = Y360 (bfast), Y400 (lunch), Y500 (dinner)
Transportation = Y440 to Y550 per ride via railroad (meitetsu)
Conversion details: 
USD to JPY = 79.143
JPY to PHP = 0.53207

Having said that, i need to create and build an experience thru the following:
  • Taste the famous local dishes : (authentic japanese) sushi, ramen, miso katsu (tonkatsu) and matsuzaka beef
  • Buy some of the 'must have' souvenirs: Torii (gateway passage), Chopsticks, wooden Kokeshi doll, japanese sweets, Haraiuku dolls (Japanese Barbie Dolls)
  • Visit and buy at 100 Yen Store
  • Visit Japan Historical Places such as Atsuta Shrine and Nagoya Castle and buy souvenirs there
  • Have coffee @Starbucks for free
  • Shop at Osu Shopping Street
  • Other unplanned activities (if there's any)

Oh, wish me luck, i guess! ♥