Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Candles

Thank you to the four best friends I have ever known. Your special greetings made my day truly special, sincere and heartwarming. To you Chelle & Joyee; Joan & Mylene, thank you so much for always being there at my side. Our shared thoughts and insights made me who i am today.

I know things had been very rough for us. Our relationship is broken beyond repair. But that was then. My envisage is changed - Ruin is a gift. Ruin is a road to transformation. Rest assured that i'm always here no matter what, even it would mean heartbreak and pain...Loosing balance for love sometimes is part of living a balanced life. So, thank you Dad.
(Eat, Pray, Love)

The only thing permanent in life is family. Thanks to my two beautiful children, to my Mom, and to every member of the family. You are truly a God's gift to me.

I know all wishes do come true...most especially if it's your birthday...



Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Tagaytay Date

Love is in the air...then.

When i think of spending my valentine's day with friends, i have nothing in my mind but Tagaytay City. Yes, that's how fanatic i am of this gorgeous city. Aside from the fact that its only a 30-40 mins drive from our place, Tagaytay is such a remarkable place for this city has a lot to offer, whether you go from a budget to grandest place(s).

This season, we choose to challenge ourselves by spending less than 1K (as inspired by other travel blogger) on this particular date rather than spending freely, then sooner realize that you already overspent. We list only two itinerary for this extraordinary day - Jardineros and One Tagaytay Place

Jardineros is known for their mesclun salad. As expected, they gave us a free taste salad dressing for us to decide which kind of salad to order.

Pesto dressing for me is way too much better than others. Nonetheless, we ordered vinaigrette salad as this is one of their best seller. If your're a fan of vinaigrette salad, you'll appreciate this one as much as I did.

Vinaigrette Salad around P180

We also ordered Spinach Pizza. For a pizza lover like me, I admire the taste and how mushroom and spinach and a bit of mozzarella cheese complements with each other and the freshness of this organic ingredients were absolutely perfect. It makes we wanting and craving for more. The only problem is that this serving for me isn't that great. =(

Spinach Pizza around P250

My two flamboyant dates, Joyee and Chelle

My Plate for a total of P143 (total expenses were divided into 3)

You may want to consider buying various organic vegetables, huge tomatoes for instance... 

You may find Jardineros at the left side of the road going to Tagaytay.

The second place in our itinerary:-

We availed the Mongolian Buffet worth P350 per head.

Choices of beef, chicken, squid, fish, shrimp and others

Prepare your own dish with these different condiments 

My First Mongolian Bowl (Please don't ask how many bowl i had that night..haha)

The buffet includes a one round drink (icetea or juice)

As for our dessert, Mangoe Crepe with Ice cream on top.

Mouth watering mango crepe worth around P240

We finished the meal with this magnificent turon. The presentation was sumptuous in my sight. (Thanks Joyee for this this marvelous shot)

 Turon worth around P180

Witness the beauty of the place...

This eye catching spa advertisement would make you want to conclude the night by pampering yourself with a good massage. If there's any disadvantage of going on a budgeted date, this is to deprive yourself with a thing that you might do that same day, but rather not to. Patience is a virtue. And so a good spa for now is being lined - up for our next date.

You'll find One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites at Barrio Sungay, Tagaytay City
Tel.Nos. (02)  584.4111
               (046) 483.0111

And so, to sum up, here's the list of our less than 1K Valentine's day challenge:

@Jardineros -P143/pax
@One Tagaytay Place
       Mongolian Buffet - P350/pax
       Dessert - P140/pax
Total of P633/pax

Did i say deprived? Well, in this case, it's "satisfy". We satisfy ourselves with our love of our life, for our date would not be complete without this...

Grande frap worth P165


Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving on, Hanging on and on and on....

im trying to move on...forgetting all the things that caused me hurt. i know that the agony is still there, but at least for now, im at peace. then for a short pause, i only knew one thing, now is the perfect moment to disclose the beauty of life has to offer for each and one of us.