Friday, May 18, 2012

Baguio City: Afternoon in Burnham Park

There's something special in Baguio that urges people to visit and revisit the acclaimed summer capital of the Philippines.

The city of pines never disappoints its locals and tourists as it has the most blissful park in the country.

An afternoon in Burnham Park is always filled with exuberance as everyone has its own stories to share with their friends, families, partners and the likes. Paddling along the man-made lake or the Burnham Lagoon, as they call it, has always been the crowd's favorite spot.

You'll savor a simple walk, as the park is surrounded by the festive fragrance of pine trees and flowers, while the gentle breeze touched the innocence of the place. No wonder why it is being claimed as the mother of all parks.

...kahit sino pa ang kasalubong mo..hihi
Biking is also one of the favored activities in the park, a 'must try' for some. Why? For we have seen this scene a hundred times in Filipino films, and the feeling of 'having tried' it somehow awaken our nostalgic minds, or simply because we wanted to be carefree and be young again. ♥

This is the time where you just want to sit back and smile and think of anything, for the absence of words set the path for a timeless memoir.

A good walk combined with a delectable mais w/ mantikiliya has always been a fave routine at the park.

Burnham Park's natural beauty, color and culture plus friendship is equals to one great afternoon. ♥



ellehciren said...

balik tayo!

YAMIE said...

@chelle - oh surely, puntahan natin mga na miss natin sa baguio :-)

Mitch said...

Never ko na try yan sa Burnham.. pero the memories are precious while in Baguio! Tamang tama yan ha, Dec. talga.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

I love Burnham! Foodtrip lagi kami pag nanjan :)

YAMIE said...

@Mitch - you should try visiting the place. :-)

@Christian - I heart Burnham too =)Food trip is still the best activity in the park ♥

anney said...

I miss Baguio! sana makabalik uli!

YAMIE said...

@anney - for sure babalik ka sa ganda ng baguio diba?