Monday, March 26, 2012

My Darkest Days

i am in deep hurt. its been 7 days since i moved out. im so confused. mixed emotions. i cant focus. decision lies on a make or break scenario. love is not a question. should i wait? how long? moving on is not easy. forgetting what happened how little it may seem for others, yet huge on my perception is not an option. the one thing i treasure the most is gone, with just a blink of an eye. i am really hurting. i want to escape in the reality of life. i want to go somewhere where nobody knows me and just stare at nowhere and be quiet for days. i know im being selfish for depriving my two angels of my full attention, but i cant give with what i do not have. i cried a million times, gallons of tears but nothing changed. i am still hurting. thousands of questions; answers nowhere to be found. will i still hold on in false hopes? i wanted to and i dont know why.  is it worth it? i really cant say. im learning my lessons the hard way, but is he? how i wish somebody could tell me how to let go.