Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exploring Balicasag Island

3rd Day of Tour: August 15, 2010 Bohol Sea Tour Adventure

The need to wake up at around 5am in the morning was never an issue to us, most especially if it means meeting the first sunlight of the day...♥

First activity in our itinerary for that day is dolphin watching...The more i look forward in seeing dolphins, the more i adore the heart of Bohol sea.

Finally!after waited patiently for almost an hour, dolphin's gregarious nature and acrobatic abilities is truly a jaw dropping experience. As usual, it didn't fail my expectations. No wonder why dolphins are the most loved marine mammals.
Intelligent, playful and friendly dolphins
This small island possesses a large marine life. And i'm so glad that i was able to witness some of those..♥
Snorkeling @ Balicasag Island... haha, my future... in fairness
Underwater pictures courtesy of the two wonderful ladies we met there.

Having trouble feeding the fish? Not really! Career kung career ang fish feeding... haha..

Who wouldn't be hungry after having intimate moment with water? And so we had a sumptuous lunch at Balicasag Island.

The island is rich of not only with water adventures, but of course, with tasteful meals too. I couldn't say if the price of food here is overboard, because our lunch is already included in the tour package that we have availed. Again, thanks to RJ Tours!

We'll definitely come back for more! ♥

RJ Intano of RJ Tours



YAMIE said...

wish to experience scuba diving too... haha pag kaya ko na pramis! ♥

Mitch said...

Ganda ng sea plus the sea creatures, of course. Nagutom ko sa mga food. Look fresh anf yummy.. Such nice exp!

YAMIE said...

@Mitch - thanks! its truly a marvelous experience! yep, sarap ng seafuds :-D

Untied Escape said...

Wow ganda ng underwater shots.. Where did you stay in Bohol? Just followed you btw... cool blog! saw your blog from Mitch...

YAMIE said...

@United Escape - we stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort. im still doing an entry about that. :-) Thanks for following. ♥ Btw, I saw your entry on Caramoan island. Hubby was there too last holy week, which makes me want to be there too. ♥