Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Candles

Thank you to the four best friends I have ever known. Your special greetings made my day truly special, sincere and heartwarming. To you Chelle & Joyee; Joan & Mylene, thank you so much for always being there at my side. Our shared thoughts and insights made me who i am today.

I know things had been very rough for us. Our relationship is broken beyond repair. But that was then. My envisage is changed - Ruin is a gift. Ruin is a road to transformation. Rest assured that i'm always here no matter what, even it would mean heartbreak and pain...Loosing balance for love sometimes is part of living a balanced life. So, thank you Dad.
(Eat, Pray, Love)

The only thing permanent in life is family. Thanks to my two beautiful children, to my Mom, and to every member of the family. You are truly a God's gift to me.

I know all wishes do come true...most especially if it's your birthday...




ellehciren said...

happy happy birthday sis!
love you much! alam mo yan!

YAMIE said...

Thanks so much sis! I knew it from the very start! love ♥ love ♥ love ♥

Mitch said...

Oohh. lovely! Happy bday!

YAMIE said...

Thanks Mitch! I should have included you in my special candle. (hihi) Btw, your Camiguin entry makes me wanna go there too. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos of yours :-)