Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Collection of First Time (Unveiling the secrets of a desirable get-aways)

Sabi nila, masarap ang FIRST TIME… And I would agree to that. Why? Kasi, enjoy, kasi di mo alam what to expect, kasi you try to be adventurous, trying everything in every way - All the way (haha, san ka pa?)

This collection of my FIRST TIME would not become possible if not for the genuine friendship of my 3 BESTFRIENDS and BESTBUDS - Chellee (ang PLANNER), Joyee (ang PHOTOGRAPHER) and Mae-Mae (ang parating ABSENT sa ILANG mga lakad pero super Lav Lav Lav ko pa rin). Isama mo pa ang new friends that ive met.

Ready for your FIRST TRIP in my life? Here we goes…

FEBRUARY 2009 Destination: Tingloy Island, Batangas

FIRST TIME ko sa isang Virgin Island. Ive been to many Batangas beaches, but not in Tingloy

Its only about 30mins away from the admired dive area of Anilao in Mabini, Batangas, and it has smaller island such as Malajibomanoc, Culebra and Sombrero.

For guests who intend to stay overnight, pwede kayong mag-stay dito sa kubong ito, which most mountaineers do.

Yes, youre still on the right track, the place also have alluring mountains with tough yet engaging slopes that beckon mountaineers.

At dahil FIRST TIME ko sa isang malayong isla, here is our very own version of WHAT TO BRING

And the rest is a relaxing history.

MARCH 2009 Destination: Exploring Laguna (Pagsanjan, Longos-Kalayaan, Liliw)

FIRST TIME ko sa isang exotic restaurant …

…But none of us dare to order any exotic food(Lol)

Nevertheless, the place is perfect not only for lovers, but for the entire family.

FIRST TIME kong dayuhin ang LiLIW, hindi para kumain ng ice crumble, (hehe) kundi para bumili ng perfect footwear.

At syempre, para na rin pumunta sa old famous church nila, na FIRST TIME ko rin to be there. :-)


Hindi ko naman first time sumakay sa airplane, pero FIRST TIME ko ang local trip na to via air.

At FIRST TIME din na mag pa picture sa Pilot (haha)

Among other leisures that we’ve had, this is for sure the most bonggang bongang leisure for me up to date.

Crown Regency Hotel, Station 1, where we stayed for 3 days, 2 nights…

And what’s the good deal staying in Crown Regency is that for pool lovers, all guests can use the pool located at Station 3.

Hotel’s lobby is really relaxing as this big couch accommodates tired body :-p

Food choices was great too!

And what another FIRST TIME for me? Hmmm… take a look! Bora is bora! Bonga diba?

Though the weather condition is not so sizzling, we still manage to enjoy the beach.

October 2009 Destination : Discovering the Beauty of Tagaytay

Apparently, this is not also my FIRST TIME in Tagaytay, but one FIRST TIME is certain – ANG POOL PARTY sa Tagaytay.

@Keni PO

Everytime I visits Tagaytay, my feet destined me to the usual tourist spot – picnic groove, palace in the sky which in my opinion still are still the best places to visit. But in this particular event, we discern more the exquisiteness of Tagaytay.

Sonya’s Garden – The was supposed to be ‘private’ paradise, eventually became open to the public as Sonya wants to share a part of her world by allowing us to experience and discover her secret garden.

Bag of Beans is actually a coffee shop, bakery and a garden restaurant combined into one. A perfect place for coffee and cake lovers. Blueberry cheesecake as one of their signature desserts is truly heaven. Oh, so yummy…FIRST TIME ko to truly love cheesecake even more.

December 2009 Destination: San Juan, Laiya, Batangas

FIRST TIME Mag BEACH right after Christmas.

To end the year right, here we are, trying to unload all the negative experiences and trying to relax and prepare for the challenges in the coming year of the tiger.

At dahil super ‘uso’ ang dance step ng WonderGirls, what else to you expect from us? Here’s our own version of the supah dance step, nobody, nobody but you…

And what else do we need to enjoy…the VIEW (how nice and relaxing)

And it should be followed by a relaxing mode too...

April 2010 Destination : Zambales

FIRST TIME ko sa Zambales

And after the long wait and thorough planning... wakas, natuloy din KAMI…

And its really worth the wait…

Sunrise was so just right…

The views were so perfect…

At kung merong JUMPSHOT...

meron kaming bago… SHADOW SHOT! (nice one)

FIRST TIME ko din ang GROUP TRIP na to.

Mga pang commercial na shots? Take a look those siksik, este sexy bodies pala. (hehe)

This Zamables get-away is one of a kind experience for me. I became more open on traveling and adventure. The above experiences are realization that Philippines is still a great place to live in. :-)

FIRST TIME mo ‘tong nabasa? Congratulations! My FIRST TIME ka na rin. Well, im sure nag-enjoy ka as much as i did:-D

Until next FIRST TIME :-)

Note: Photos courtesy of Joyee (Lav, lav, lav joyee, muahh!)