Thursday, July 5, 2012

Confessions of a Photoholic Woman

This is the result of being "ME" - trying to discover the other side of life through my lens :-) Not on a professional level, i know, hihi..but i enjoyed taking whatever that captures my eyes.

My brother's superb talent. Taken in our home
Every mother knows the pressure of enrollment yet it feels so fulfilled. The hardest part is putting cover on each and every books/notebooks which i admit not my forte. 
A table silver during my sister's wedding
A pair of slippers makes a great story - lakwatsa na!
We wont miss our change for sure!

Isn't it amazing how mom takes care of our dinner? 
Breakfast for me would't be complete without my favorite hot choco. 
Great movie ever! I've seen this for the nth time. Good thing my camera is within my reach :-)
If there's one accessory that i can't live without, it would be my charm bracelet. One lucky me :-)

Quit Smoking My Dear, but NEVER Quit BLOGGING :-)



YAMIE said...

Love ♥ Love ♥ Love ♥

Mitch said...

Nice shots! Anu na nga ba cam mo? I just recently bought new lens fo rmy new 3100. 50mm, it works well so far though.. May mga theme kaba sa photography mo?

YAMIE said...

Hi Mitch! Thanks! Your cam is similar w/ my friend. Buti ka pa you already invested on new lens :) So happy for you.
I'm using Canon 550d w/ 18-55mm lens, plan to invest also on new lens (70-200mm f/4) kaya lang baka by December pa.I don't have any particular theme, though, i like to shoot foods, landscape, flowers, anything that caught my attention, (basta my story sa paningin ko go!) hehe... Im also starting to explore wedding photography. Share ko mga pix soon =)