Monday, July 9, 2012

Strawberry Farm @ LaTrinidad Benguet

Fragari ananassa. 
Botanically speaking, strawberries are not actually a fruit. The flesh that we eat with such comfort is the swelling of the stalk once the flower has fertilized. The real fruits are the small yellow seeds scattered on the surface.In addition, the importance of temperature in maintaining quality strawberry is well recognized. No wonder why strawberries are prominent in Baguio.

Enough of me being a teacher. =) What I really want to share is our absolute experience we had in Baguio. Most of you will agree with me, if i say that strawberry picking is one of the best way to enjoy your visit in Strawberry Farm - whether you're with your family, or with friends, or you're alone.(alone talaga?hehe, malay mo may maka relate diba?) And so we did not fail to include this in our itinerary.

The farm is panoptic and delightful as well, and i really enjoy the fact that there's really a farm like this - nestled in the bosom of the province of Benguet which is like five thousand feet above sea level surrounded by pine-clad mountains. Ahhmazzing ♥

go ahead! pick your choice

Complete as it portray, will you also be surprised if you saw lettuce growing in the so called 'Strawberry Farm'? Maybe not so much if you knew that lettuce also develops its best quality when grown under cool, moist conditions.(Teacher ulit?)

For those people who's not into PYO (pick-your-own) fruit,  you'll see naman a lot of strawberry vendors outside the farm. As in tabi-tabi sila, literally. Just say how many kilos of strawberries you want and they will have it for you. But, hey! I would still highly recommend doing the PYO thing, right?

Another influential thing to do in the farm is to try their Strawberry flavored Taho. The sweetness of the strawberries infuse the taho itself which makes it more yummy to sip.

P20.00 per cup

(About the Background: You'll also find a lot of souvenir items here. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to explore; anyway we intend to go naman to Baguio City Market afterwards:)
Savoring our first cup of Strawberry Taho. Wanna sip?
You must also try Strawberry flavored Ice Cream, a locally-made ice cream that can really enliven your day after picking of strawberries. Right Chelle?

Sige lang sis, enjoy your ice cream ♥
I wouldn't let this experience pass by without acknowledging the two vendors we have met (one serious and one funny), which makes our day even more pleasant =)

Me: Kuya picturan kita, ilagay kita sa Blog ko ;)
Kuya #1: [No comment, pero nag SMILE] 
Kuya #2: Sige mam! Eto na po pose ko. Marami po kasing nag papa piktyur na bloggers sa akin katulad nyu poh.
Me: Talaga lang ha! [Big SMILE)

Mabuhay kayo mga kuya :)

A place that sprawled above the mountain peaks of Benguet Province; the rugged topography that is covered with tropical vegetation with pines giving the place a distinctive character is very close to my heart now.

Nothing beats the taste of Baguio Strawberries - a slight sour flavor underneath the strong sweetness followed by a distinct scent and unique texture in the mouth handpick from the farm. Im soooo loving it ♥

I would definitely go back for these.




ellehciren said...

i miss baguio so much! balik balik! :)

iamjessiegarcia said...

nice one! baguio will always be one of my favorite destinations. sarap lang malayo sa mainit na syudad

YAMIE said...

@Chelle - tara lets!♥
@jessie - same here ;) Planning my vacay soon ♥

Christian | LAKAD Pilipinas said...

strawberry farm = strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho :D