Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rainbow After the Rain

Is there really a rainbow after the rain?

I was on my way home one afternoon. There's a heavy rain. I was in the middle of traffic. I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes and flashes of memories suddenly becomes vivid.

....been struggling these past few weeks. I've let myself be shaken with the emotional imbalance and imperfections. But I guess, it happens sometimes. Just like what is happening when it rains. We only see darkness. We only see raindrops. We only see the one side. We repeatedly asked ourselves when will the rain ends...
The rain continue to fall for about an hour. I almost felt asleep. Then suddenly, the rain has stopped.

"That's nice", i thought to myself.

I opened my eyes and see things differently. I see a rainbow hiding in the clouds, yet i see it just about within my reach. I see colors of light which helped me opened my mind exactly the way i wanted to do for the longest time. I stared the rainbow for 10 mins and i felt that it was the longest 10 mins of my life. Now is different. I opened  my soul and begins to see things constructively and in details. I see the rainbow much brighter than the others. Then, I asked myself:  

"Does all of us have the opportunity to see the rainbow after the rain?" 

I guess not. Some of us were stuck by the truth that the rain indeed stopped. And that's it.
"Should i say im lucky to see one?"

 I guess I am.

(thanks to google for the pix)

Now its not a question of  whether or not the rainbow does appear after the rain - its HOW you see and search for the rainbow after the rain, whatever the gravity of the raindrop it has been. :-)


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