Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Great Mom (A Father's Day Special)

Maybe you are wondering why am i thinking of my Mom, wherein celebration for the Father's Day is just 4 days from now. It's exactly what's in my mind. Father's Day is coming and yet, i still dont have any entry about Mother's Day =) (hehe, just kiddin'). Seriously, i intend to commend my Mom on this Father's Day celebration coz she became not only a mother to seven but a Father too, when my Dad passed away 14 years ago. ..

Im not that close to Mom. In fact, i was even closer to Dad. I really dont know how to deal with Mom, knowing that Dad is not around anymore. We dont have any unresolved issues or problems or what so ever. Its just that i feel that im not the perfect daughter. Im also not the fave one. Im hard headed and stubborn, but if there's one thing i can be proud of to myself, is that, im reliable - which i know for sure, i inherited from Mom.

The 'Light of the House' eventually became the Head of the Family. I never expected that Mom has such a great strength that all of her children would admire. The traits of a respected Father, such as Dad, you'll find in Mom. She has been a good provider for the family. We're not living in luxury, but all the things a daughter could asks for, she provides it - good education, spiritual and emotional guidance, and trust to name some. Mom also has its strict side - we're not allowed to go on gimmick without her consent. I do not understand this when i was in the peak of my adolescence, but when i started to have an own family, im beginning to realize that this was for my own good.

Our closeness began when i got married and when she had her 1st grandson to me. I started to appreciate her more being a Mom. She's always there for me. When i struggle on my marriage, she did not leave me; instead, she embraced my weaknesses and still loves me unconditionally. We still have petty misunderstanding though, but we managed to resolves it maturely. Im so proud to have a great Mom like her who dedicates her time and life for us, and yet still manage to balance her spiritual and personal life. I wonder where she got all her strength to do both - being a Mom and Dad for us all the time.

If i were to be asked what's the best advice my Mom gave me, i would say that its too many to mention. But i can tell to the whole world how lucky and privilege i am to be loved perfectly and completely by my ONE GREAT MOM, and at the same time, always feel the presence of my Dad in her. I love you Mom. Belated Happy Mother's Day and Advance Happy Father's Day. :-)

Our Loving Mom during our celebration of Mother's Day

Mom, you deserve more than this, but for the meantime, enjoy your favorite cake :-)