Monday, June 14, 2010

Friendship Reunited

Joan and I are bestfriends since high-school. I can still remember the good old days - tambay sa kiosk, hiraman ng notes especially sa noli me tangre and technical writing, kakaba-kaba kapag si Mrs. Amoranto na ang subject teacher (Algebra actually). Those were memories na di kayang maagaw nino man. We also took the same course at the same school when we reached college. We met a lot of good friends too, but our closeness did not changed at all. Im sure joan will agree if i say that we're both teachers' pet - Mrs. Cabalsa, professor in Economics & Atty. Behasa, professor in Law and Taxation were those na mejo na captivate ng leadership skills namin (naks!). After graduation, we had our new jobs, so i would say that our time for each other subsides, not to mention the time we should also spend with our boyfriends too. (hihi). Even if, we still manage to meet once in a while. Too bad coffee shop in our place is not that famous during that time =( But Tagaytay is one of the best places for us - to share with our laughter, tears, and dreams. I got married first and after a few years, she built her own family too naman. And from then on, we rarely bond with each other and to the rest of our barkadas. Our priorities were changed. I've learned that she has to work abroad. We haven't got an opportunity to arrange a despedida party for her. The bond eventually looses for we were separated by miles...

Until one day, i received a text from her that she's already here na and currently 'on the way' to her 2nd child. How time flies. And so together with my family, i accepted her invitation to meet her after she gave birth.

Its so nice to see how bestfriends were united once again.

Joan and I together with our Angels (Andres Iñigo and Felicity Lorice)

My Kids and Joan's Eldest Son

I'm pretty sure that this will not be the last time na mag bond kami before she'll return back abroad. It's truly a wonderful feeling to reunite friendship that was disjoined by changing priorities. I'm looking forward to a coffee or dinner with the rest of our barkadas. :-D

"True friends are always together in spirit."
--"Anne of Green Gables"