Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kaiten-Zushi : A sushi - go - round experience

As the name suggest, the restaurant serves fresh sushi on a conveyor belt. Worry no more if your Nihongo is not that strong, pointing at the sushi plate pictures is an efficient way to get your favorites.

It is actually affordable than going to other sushi restaurant. Though the price depends on the color of the plate that the sushi is plated on. But generally, it cost 100 yen per plate (100円). They also offer unlimited green tea, gari (pickled ginger) and wasabi (of course!)

hot water faucet for green tea

So how does this restaurant works?

Normally, the chefs prepare sushi in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by the conveyor belt. Patrons sit on the outside of the rectangular conveyor and grabs whatever they like and they think are appealing.

You can also order directly from the chef if you want to taste, eat or digest something that is not on the conveyor belt; miso soup or sweet potato for instance.

Miso Soup (Yummy!!!)

Japanese Sweet Potato

Alright! Enough of the talking, let the sushi-go-round begin!

sake (salmon)

ika (squid)

ikura (salmon roe)

tako (octopus)

uni (sea urchin)

aji (horse macarel)

unagi (fresh water eel), hotate (scallop), maguro (tuna), inari sushi (brown tofu)
The long wait is over...

So what is Japan without Sushi?



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