Thursday, January 13, 2011

You can make your life Beautiful

I went to my Mom's house last night just to chat with her. But she's on a prayer meeting. (I forgot!) There in Mom's house was my two Ate. We had a chitchat about how's life is going on now and all those stuffs, and our conversation lead to Bo Sanchez' books. My Ate lend me one of her book entitled "You Can Make Your Life Beautiful". I was a bit excited to read it right then and then, but i managed to control myself for i wanted to read it in a more private way. For i know that i'd appreciate the content of it more seriously when i read it at home. And so after dinner, i let my kids do thier wash up and we went straight to bed. Good thing, my kids fell asleep right away. I get the book my sister lend to me and started to read...the title says "You can make you Life Beautiful with subtitle, Discover a Simple Path to Happiness". Uy, may simple path pala to happiness, Shortcut ba. And so, my eagerness to read the contents increase. Some of the content caught my attention.

*Hug Someone Today While There's Time
*Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future
*You Can Choose to Be Happy
*Be a Dolphin, Not a Shark

Hmmm...sounds interesting. And so i read the Preface and it says: "If in one story, you discover a spiritual truth that will raise the quality of your life, or give you deeper joy, or change the direction of your path - then hold on to that truth."

If that's so, i'll just hold on to that truth for now and give you more updates about the beauty of the book soon :-)



ellehciren said...

sis! it's good to see you here again!
kwento mo sa kin yung "Be a Dolphin, Not a Shark" you know naman i love dolphin as i love lavender! mwaah mwaah see you soon!

YAMIE said...

hi sis. tenchu naman :-) uhmm parang page 111 ung dolphin na yan and nasa page 27 pa lng me..hihi :-)