Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forgiveness for my peace of mind

"God wants a forgiving person" - this Sunday preach made me realize how God answers prayers.

Forgiveness lang pala, to lighten up all my worries. Forgiveness lang pala to solve all my sentiments and dilemmas. However, my mind is questioning if there are criteria as how to forgive?

Siguro nga, na kapag si God ang nagsabi, dapat no questions asked. Just accept the fact that forgiveness is the number one insecurity busting. In all fairness, hearing our Pastor preaching about forgiveness washed all my worries. After the mass, i went straight to our house, opened my laptop and start browsing the net, konting fb, konting youtube and checked some mail.

As i browsed my mail, one particular subject caught my attention - Best Advice ever. I thought, i really need it today. And i did not go wrong. Some of the best advice really hit me.

And most importantly;

I've been worrying too much and these were seen on my previous entry and fb status, not until today. God really knows the perfect time for me to be strong. I have learned that to forgive is to set a prisoner free, only to discover that the prisoner was me. Prisoner of hatred, prisoner of worry and prisoner of insecurities. Forgiving also means forgiving almost eveything, but not tolerating things, for it makes the story worse. In my case, it takes one person to forgive, but it takes two persons to be reunited.