Thursday, September 30, 2010

Different World

should people need to be in the same ground, at the same level, on the same time to make the relationship work? this made me stayed awake at night for quite sometime now.

this was never an issue 14 years ago. we were like a child then. so young, so free, so in love. and as much as i would want those memories back in my arms again, i cant. things are so different now. what hurts the most is that i just woke up one day asking myself what happened to us.  i cant even remember why the feelings suddenly fall apart. i just unconsciously noticed that we were drifting apart...

i feel like i am holding two different weights in my hands - the good old memories that we've had against the present. i cannot believe that i came to a point that i will ask myself, do i still want this?

ive been trying to believe that we still connect with each other...

i guess only people who are close to me knows so much about me. i have always wanted to live in simplicity. apart from the busy, hectic and demanding corporate world i am into right now, i am longing for something simple... without hang - ups...

so sad, and it's hurting me :-(