Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Starting Point

I’ve always wanted to do blogging ever since, but the time could not permit – work and deadlines, family activities that needs to attend to, friends and/or sis day that are already scheduled; or simply because my passion for it slowly washed out as my physical and mental capability dictates not to go on too.

Until one day, when everything was completely in chaos (which means trying to meet the deadlines while my mind is really not into it, according to my own definition..hehe)there I found myself, in front of my laptop, trying to unload whatever pressures I’ve had, building and constructing words to describe when did my passion for blogging came back?

Passion is a noun that describes “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling”, “strong amorous feeling or desire”… should I say that at this point in time, a powerful emotion dominates my other side and as I result, here I am doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do for the longest time…Blogging.

Should I thank the pressure and chaos I’ve experience today? Or should I simply say that my passion for it just flowed back to my system? Whatever that maybe, keeping my diary in a more casual manner is just a STARTING POINT. :-)